Our Story

How it all started...

Beach Community Church started with a vision and a calling put on a young Pastor's heart to “DO THINGS A-LOTTA BIT DIFFERENT”.  So, with that being said,  it’s important to mention that our first worship service was launched in a local bar. That’s right, we started off in a bar!

In a community with a church on almost every corner, Pastor Tim Russell had a calling to build a place for people who don’t care for “church”.  A house of worship for people who feel burnt by religion or outcast in a typical church setting and so Beach Community Church came to life.

Our initial focus was to create a community for the ones nobody else seemed to want. The addicts, the drunks, the bikers, and the trouble makers. To give these people a church.

A place of worship that when they walked in, they instantly felt comfortable. A place with a relaxed atmosphere. A place full of love and compassion and non-judgement. A place where they would relate, a church home.
Today Beach Community Church is a church home for a variety of people from many denominations and walks of life.

God has blessed us abundantly!  With so much growth, we have plans for expansion to meet our community's needs.  Stay tuned!
Pastor Tim Russell
Pastor Tim Russell
Pastor Tim Russell

everyone is welcome here

Get to know more about what makes us different.

This old photo shows our church sign before our name was changed to Beach Community Church.  

However, even though our name was changed our sentiments remain the same!
We are all sinners saved by grace and the blood of Jesus Christ.