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Tim Russell

Head Pastor

I was not raised in church. I did not go to church as a child or as a teenager. My introduction to God was different. I loved playing in the woods as a kid, catching toads and crawfish in the ditch. Being in the woods seeing nature and animals. I would talk to God.

I would sit and watch squirrels, birds and other animals, yes even snakes, and be in awe of the things God made. I did learn a few things about God while attending Vacation Bible school a few times with my friends as a child. Outside of those few experiences, church was a strange place for me. I simply just didn't get it so I chose not to go.

As I became an adult I did go for a very brief period, mainly to play on the softball team. I was a rebel as a child and adult, wild and free, or so I thought. Wild for sure but not free. I was consumed by sin and selfishness. I still had my personal and private conversations with God, but as I became older those conversations became fewer and fewer. It wasn't until I was battling a very intense addiction that consumed my life that I cried out in desperation to God. I made no false promises to God. I did promise to try. Try to get clean, try to read my bible, try to pray, and give church a serious try. I just needed God to show up and man let me tell you he did!

Serving in my church, reading and studying constantly I was eventually licensed and ordained. Serving as Senior Pastor of Beach Community Church has been one of God's miracles in my life. My life reflects the parable of the money lender in Luke 7: 40-43. I now know how large my debt was. I know I would never have the means to pay it and clear my name. Jesus came into my heart and his sacrifice for my sins paid my
debt fully. Saving my soul was the greatest gift God has given me. Giving my life a purpose serving him, well that's the icing on the cake. God is good, all the time.
Pastor Tim Russell

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